Going to court can be a frightening experience for anyone, no matter what the reason may be for being in court. Family law matters are no exception. At the end of the day, nobody chooses to go to court or participate in a legal fight unless there is an absolute need to do so. At the Rees Law Firm, Jonesboro Family Law Attorney Mark Rees is a highly skilled trial attorney with extensive courtroom experience, and he fights endlessly to defend his clients’ rights. In addition to representing clients who have suffered personal injuries, Mark Rees represents clients in a wide variety of family law practice areas. Some family matters may be resolved without going to court, however, because family law matters are serious and must comply with Arkansas law, it is often necessary to go to court.

Rees Law Firm – Family Law Areas of Practice

At Rees Law Firm, Jonesboro Family Law Attorney Mark Rees handles a wide variety of family law matters to assist his clients’ needs. Such family law matters include, among others, the following:


Under Arkansas law, unlike many other states, a married couple must have a justifiable and documented reason for getting a divorce. Many states allow married couples to get a divorce for any reason at all (perhaps the couple has fallen out of love, but remain friends, or have “irreconcilable differences” about any given matter). Arkansas law is stricter, and requires that a spouse filing for divorce has one or more of the following “grounds” or reasons to justify a dissolution of the marriage:

  • Impotence that existed at the time of marriage, and continues to exist;
  • Felony conviction;
  • Documented alcohol abuse for one or more years;
  • Cruel behavior that endangers the other spouse’s life, as well as the lives of any children involved;
  • Behavior that humiliates embarrasses, or shames the other spouse;
  • Adultery;
  • Insanity (incurable); and
  • Willful failure to provide support to the other spouse even though there is a legal obligation to provide such support.
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Child Custody

A custody matter in Arkansas is resolved by evaluating a child’s best interests and what steps can be taken to further these interests as the child grows older. Custody matters can be very contentious, and because a child’s livelihood is at stake, it is critical that a custody matter is dealt with carefully. The best-case scenario when facing custody matters is when both parents agree to share joint legal custody, which enables both parents to have equal authority to make decisions on behalf of the child (such as where to go to school, where to go to church, and medical decisions for the child, etc.). The decision on which parent will have primary physical custody is often where the fight is, as it is not always possible for a child to live with each parent fifty percent of the time. By working with the right attorney, you can help to ensure whatever custody decision is made will be in the best interests of your child(ren).
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Child Support

Along with custody, child support matters can be very contentious, and many parents who have a legal responsibility to provide monetary support for a child either do not want to provide such support, or simply fail to ignore the law. A qualified Jonesboro Family Law Attorney can help clients navigate the legal system to determine if a parent is failing to make child support payments in compliance with Arkansas law.
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Whether a person is the biological father of a child can have legal implications, such as whether the person will be responsible for child support payments. As such, determining whether a person is the biological father of a child is essential when alleging that this individual is legally required to make necessary child support payments.
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Orders of Protection

When a spouse, parent or child’s life is at risk, it is imperative to act quickly to protect that spouse, parent or child. To obtain an order of protection, the victim must obtain a court order that effectively sets limits on how and when another spouse, parent or family member can contact the victim. An order of protection is especially important when there is documented evidence of domestic abuse.


If one or more parents are unable to care for a child, a court may need to step in by appointing a guardian who will be in charge of ensuring a child’s needs are being met, and a child’s bests interests are being furthered. Unfortunately, many children are victims of abuse and neglect, and these children may not have a parent to offer food, shelter, healthcare, and love. Guardianship is a good option to consider when a child’s path forward is compromised and uncertain.
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Spousal Support (“Alimony”)

Divorce can lead to one spouse having insufficient income to pay for life’s daily needs. As such, spousal support payments, also known as “alimony,” may be necessary for a specific period to help a newly single spouse make ends meet. Depending on the financial circumstances of a married couple, a court will determine which spouse should be making spousal support payments, and for how long such payments should be made. If there is a prenuptial/premarital agreement that outlines which spouse is to make spousal support payments if the marriage ends, a court will seek to enforce the agreement so long as it is valid under Arkansas law. If no prenuptial/premarital agreement exists, a court will apply Arkansas law and order one spouse to make payments for a specific amount and for a specific period.
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Jonesboro Family Law Attorney Mark Rees understands how any family law matter can have lasting consequences for both parents and any children that may be involved. By working alongside the Rees Law Firm, clients will have peace of mind in knowing they have enlisted a strong legal team that has successfully handled similar family law cases in the past.

Why it is Important to Work Alongside a Trusted Jonesboro Family Law Attorney?

Many people choose to handle family law matters themselves or rely on an attorney who may not focus on Arkansas family law matters. While it is always a good idea to discuss legal matters with an attorney, it is crucial that anyone considering divorce or wishing to resolve a custody matter, among other family law issues, speak with the right kind of attorney – a qualified Jonesboro Family Law Attorney.

Domestic laws are different from state to state, so a family law attorney from Kansas or Missouri may not have the necessary knowledge and skill to help a client with a domestic issue that is governed by Arkansas law. As such, the first step when pursuing or facing a domestic legal matter is to ensure you have an experienced and skilled Jonesboro Family Law Attorney advocating on your behalf. While there are many excellent attorney, Jonesboro Family Law Attorney Mark Rees goes beyond simply getting the job done. He understands that a client’s livelihood is on the line, so his actions both inside and outside the courtroom can have a lasting impact.

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Family law matters have the potential to be complicated, stressful, and emotionally debilitating. Nobody should bear the burden of fighting a family law matter alone. Jonesboro Family Law Attorney Mark Rees dedicates his practice to helping clients meet their legal needs and goals to move forward down a better path. Whether you have concerns about a divorce, custody dispute, order of protection, or any other family law matter, it is important to work alongside an attorney who possesses the necessary skill, experience, and dedication. If you would like to discuss a family law matter with Jonesboro Family Law Attorney Mark Rees, contact the Rees Law Firm today by calling toll-free at (800) 455-2099 to schedule your case evaluation.



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