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Have you or your loved one been hurt due to the negligent actions of another? If so, you may be legally owed financial compensation for damages such as lost wages, property damage, medical expenses, pain and suffering. Rees Law Firm is an experienced and aggressive personal injury law firm based in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Our Jonesboro personal injury lawyers represent personal injury victims throughout the State of Arkansas.

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If you or a loved one has been harmed in an Arkansas accident, contact Rees Law Firm at (870) 931-2100 to receive your personal injury consultation.

Our Areas of Personal Injury Law

Rees Law Firm efficiently and effectively represents personal injury and accident victims throughout the state of Arkansas. Our legal professionals have extensive personal injury claims negotiation and trial litigation experience.

Our core areas of personal injury law include:

Car Accidents

Have you or a loved one been injured in a traffic accident? If so, you may be feeling stressed and angry that someone has turned your life upside down. Many of our clients come to us because they are unable to go to work and the insurance company is not treating them fairly. Often our clients did not want to hire an attorney but found themselves with expensive medical bills, property loss and financial fears that they would not be able to pay off their accident-related expenses or go back to work.

Rees Law Firm has successfully represented many individuals who have been injured in auto accidents throughout Arkansas.

Our law firm has represented clients in accidents caused by:

  • Distracted Drivers
  • Drugged Drivers
  • Drunk Drivers
  • Reckless Driving
  • Speeding or Street Racing
  • Red Light Runners

If you or your family member were involved in a car accident, and the other driver is at-fault, you could be entitled to receive compensation for losses. The Jonesboro personal injury attorney at Rees Law Firm has the working knowledge and experience to understand what your case is worth. Our lawyers will represent you in insurance company settlement negotiations and in all of your legal proceedings to fight for your right to receive full and just compensation for your injuries and property damage.

At Rees Law Firm, our auto accident attorney will protect your legal rights and we will work hard to recover the compensation that will help to rebuild your life. Visit our Car Accident page for additional information or call Rees Law Firm at (870) 931-2100 for your consultation.

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Truck Accidents

The Rees Law Firm has established a reputation quality legal representation. Attorney Mark Rees has received several awards and accolades and was recently named “BEST OF THE BEST ATTORNEY” by the readers of the Jonesboro Sun and Occasion’s Magazine.

“Our Clients Come First”

The staff and attorney at Rees Law Firm understand how important communication is to you and your family. Our legal professionals will ensure that your calls are returned promptly and that you are updated on the progress of your truck accident case.

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Wrongful Death

The Rees Law Firm’s personal injury attorney have extensive experience litigating wrongful death cases in Arkansas. The loss of a loved one is extremely traumatic, particularly when it occurs because of preventable conduct by someone else. Our lawyers recognize the pain you are experiencing and can help you seek justice on behalf of your loved one.
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Statute of Limitations

Every state, including Arkansas, has a “statute of limitations” for filing a personal injury case in court. A statute of limitations is a deadline that prevents people from trying to take legal action decades after the accident occurred. If you have been injured in a car wreck, you have three years to file a lawsuit in Arkansas. If your injuries are not diagnosed until several days after the accident, the three-year period will begin on the date of diagnosis or discovery.

Modified Comparative Fault

With a personal injury claim, sometimes the defense may argue that the injured person was partially to blame for the accident. Arkansas recognizes “modified comparative fault” in cases like this. Under this rule, if you are injured in an accident and are found to be 10% at fault (for example), your awarded damages – the money you receive – will be reduced by 10%. Injured persons who are partly at fault can still be awarded some compensation, as long as their percentage of fault is less than 50%. If a plaintiff is found to be 50% responsible for the accident, they cannot collect compensation money from the defendant/at-fault party.

This rule is usually applied in negligence cases, but insurance adjusters may bring it up during settlement negotiation.

Damage Caps

Some states put a cap on damages payable for injury cases, the maximum dollar amount that a plaintiff can be awarded. Arkansas does not set a cap on damages. Section 32 of Article 5 in the Arkansas state constitution prohibits this type of limit.

To learn more about the personal injury laws in Arkansas, check out Title 16 of the Arkansas Code or call our personal injury lawyer at Rees Law Firm for a case consultation today.

Arkansas is Not a No-Fault State

In the state of Arkansas, a divorce cannot be finalized until one side or both have demonstrated that there is a justifiable reason or “fault” for terminating a divorce. As you can imagine, this further complicates the divorce process as neither party would want to be the reason for the marital dissolution. This is especially true when the two spouses who are seeking a dissolution of marriage have children. As your legal representative, we will ensure that your voice is heard and that your side of the story is presented to the court in the most compelling and favorable light. Our attorney will be sensitive to your needs and desires particularly if you have children.

Why Choose The Rees Law Firm?

The Rees Law Firm will update you on the progress of your case. Our legal team will explain how these new developments affect your case and the legal options afforded you. You can trust that our legal staff will be as accessible as possible to ease your concerns throughout this emotionally challenging time.

Consultation with Jonesboro Personal Injury Attorney Mark Rees

Attorney Rees offers an initial consultation by phone or at his Jonesboro law office. Simply call (870) 931-2100 for your personal injury case analysis with attorney Mark Rees to learn about your legal rights and the actions needed to protect those important legal rights.

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